Are you thinking of trying a HAPPI vape cigarette, but don’t know much about it? In today’s article, we will introduce it to you and talk more about why it is the best choice for you.

HAPPI brand

The HAPPI brand comes from California and is currently one of the most popular manufacturers of hemp products. In its portfolio you will find mainly high-quality disposable electronic cigarettes and vape pen cartridges in various traditional and less traditional flavors.

In addition to the production of its own products, HAPPI also focuses on the production of HHC for other well-known European brands .

In our HAPPI vape shop, you can find a lot of products from disposable cigarettes to premium refills for vape pen and gummies with HHC . You will surely find your way.

HHC content

HHC is new to the market, sold and offered by only a few manufacturers, despite the fact that it was discovered as early as 1944. HHC is currently being talked about as a controversial substance about which too much is not known. However, according to research, it is on the same level as other cannabinoids obtained from hemp .

The great effects of HHC are guaranteed by the HAPPI brand mainly with rich experience in the production of hemp products and products verified by various researches . Therefore, you do not have to worry about any unwanted and side effects.

Another advantage is that HAPPI cigarettes and cartridges contain a combination of HHC and CBD , the great effects of which have already been confirmed by numerous studies and research.

Did you know that …

HAPPI vape and cartridge contain 1 ml of hemp distillate ?

High quality

There are many manufacturers in the market that sell vape devices, but few of them are characterized by really high quality. Many of them cannot even guarantee such a great experience that HAPPI will provide you .

HHC in our offer products , including:

  • Disposable electronic cigarettes – classic electronic cigarettes that contain a combination of CBD and HHC. You can choose from various traditional flavors, including strawberry, banana or sour lemon, or less traditional and interesting ones, such as Blue Dreams or Ice Cream Cake. You are so sure that you will definitely find your way.
  • Cartridge for vape pen – premium refills for vape pen. They contain a combination of HHC and CBD substances. A total of 1,100 mg of cannabinoids and terpenes are available, with 500 mg being HHC. Just like cigarettes, you can get refills in classic flavors, such as strawberry, banana or lemon, or in interesting and less traditional ones, such as Blue Dreams and Ice Cream Cake.
  • Gummies – if you feel like something sweet, you can also choose gummy candies with HHC content in various interesting flavors, such as apple, strawberry or blueberry.


read detailed information about all products that the HAPPI brand sells and that you can find in our offer in the product description . If that wasn’t enough for you, click on our blog , which is full of various interesting information supported by the latest studies and research.

In our blog, in addition to interesting advice and tips about HHC or hemp, you can also read other information, for example about terpenes, THC or CBD.

In addition, you can also scan the QR code found on the electronic cigarette package, based on which you will be shown a certificate of content analysis from a renowned American laboratory . You can also find the analysis for each product directly on the website.

You, too, can rely on quality products from the HAPPI brand

There are a large number of low-quality vape cigarettes on the market. Avoid them and rely on the quality provided by HAPPI . In our offer you will find tested products guaranteeing a great taste and the best smoking experience.

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