Do you like different vape tricks with electronic cigarettes? Learn to make them yourself. Some are simpler and even a beginner can handle them. Others are more complicated and will require a little more experience, patience and time. Whether you want to have fun or impress your friends, we have prepared some clear instructions for the best vape tricks for you.

What do you need for vape tricks?

To do the trick, you have to have :

The quality of exhaled steam is affected by the filling, which depends on whether it will be more or less dense . In general, denser vapor is better for tricks.

Instructions for vape tricks

When you have both electronic cigarettes and cartridges, you can start trying individual tricks . Some are easier and you will succeed after a short time, with others you will have to have more patience.

So how to do various interesting tricks?

Simple circles

Simple circles are an excellent trick for beginners. All you have to do is inhale the vapor from the vape cigarette, open your mouth in the shape of the letter O and gently tap your cheek with your finger. Nice and regular rings should come out of your mouth .

If the circles are not regular or too pretty, do not despair. Try to slightly change the shape of your mouth, or pat your cheek less often and more gently.

Classic circles

Classic circles are a more advanced vape trick that will require more time. Start very similarly to simple circles – inhale the vapor from the e-cigarette. In this case, however, it is not enough to just suck it into your mouth. It is important that it reaches the throat or lungs .

In the next step, move the tongue deep into the throat, letting it lie freely in the lower part of the mouth. Open your mouth in the shape of the letter O and try to push out a small amount of air with your diaphragm .

Expert advice

Be calm and relaxed when creating classic circles . If you cramp, you won’t be able to make them or they won’t look as good.


In addition to a quality vape pen or cigarette, you will also need a cup of water and a straw for the bubble trick .

When you have prepared everything, inhale the vapor from the vape and slowly blow it through the straw into the water . In this way, you will create smaller smoke bubbles that will be on the water surface.


This vape trick is relatively simple and even a beginner should be able to master it . The whole trick starts like all of them – first inhale the vapor from the vape. When you do so, slowly start exhaling it through your nose . Beginners often find it helpful to close their mouths so the steam doesn’t escape.


Tornado is a slightly more complicated trick that requires a lot of practice. So if you don’t succeed the first time, don’t despair and devote more time to it .

Tornado consists of several steps :

  1. Inhale a large amount of vapor from a vape cigarette.
  2. Stand above a flat surface, such as a table, on which to exhale the steam.
  3. Exhale the steam slowly so that it stays on the surface and does not dissipate very quickly.
  4. When you have a flat surface filled with smoke in front of you, place your hand in it and make a quick upward movement in a clockwise direction.

A glass of fog

The last trick is simple and anyone can do it. Take a glass with a wider diameter and fill it halfway with water or another drink . Take a puff from the vape and begin slowly exhaling the vapor into the cup.

This trick is especially great when you are with friends at a bar, at a party or other social event and you want to entertain or amaze others .

Try vape tricks yourself

There are a lot of vape tricks these days. If you are just starting out with them, choose something simpler, such as a kite, circles or bubbles. Later, when you get better, you can try something more complicated and time-consuming. In addition to the technology itself, do not forget about quality vape cigarettes and cartridges , which are the basis of success.

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