Vape is becoming more and more popular these days. Not only those who previously smoked classic cigarettes, but also those who did not smoke in the past began to lean towards it. What are the advantages of vape compared to classic smoking? We have prepared all the necessary information for you.

What is vape?

In order to find out what advantages vape has compared to classic smoking, it is necessary to know what it actually is .

Vape, sometimes referred to as vape, is a process in which people inhale various substances found in vape pens or cigarettes.

The biggest difference between classic smoking and vape is how they work . When a person smokes a regular cigarette, the tobacco is burned, which creates harmful substances. These subsequently enter the body when the smoke is inhaled.

Vape is based on evaporated substances . In most cases, they are dissolved in a liquid that is heated. When heated, the liquid turns into steam, which a person then inhales. Since nothing is burned in this process, no harmful substances are produced.

What are the benefits of vape?

When describing what a vape is and how it works, we have already mentioned one big advantage. When smoking, tobacco is not burned, which means no harmful substances are created . What other benefits do we know?

No smelly smoke

When smoking ordinary cigarettes, smoke with an unpleasant smell is produced, which can bother many people. However, when you switch to vape, you don’t have to worry about anything like that. Vapor from a vape is either odorless or smells like a disposable cigarette or cartridge .

Different flavors

You can find vape in various interesting flavors , such as:

  • strawberry,
  • banana,
  • lemon,
  • blueberry.


If you are bored with traditional fruit flavors, you can try various interesting alternatives, such as Ice Cream Cake or Blue Dreams .

Interesting composition

Vapes can contain a variety of ingredients, including HHC and CBD . HAPPI vape also have this combination , which ensures a perfect smoking experience.

Vape cigarettes may or may not contain nicotine , or contain it only to a reduced extent. They are such a good choice for those who would like to quit smoking.


Vape is currently widespread and very popular. You can buy electronic cigarettes, refills or other accessories in brick and mortar and online stores . Another plus is that you can choose from different flavors and brands.

when choosing a brand, pay attention to high quality . Choose a manufacturer that sells only verified products without harmful substances.

Great price

The entry price for vape is higher, but cigarettes usually are they last longer , thanks to which you can save on them as a result.

Individual cigarettes are rechargeable, so they can be used longer time . Some can also be topped up with premium fillings.

If you want to save even more when purchasing, instead of single packs, get larger packs containing, for example, 10 vape cigarettes .

How about security?

Vape has a number of great benefits that make it so much better than smoking. However, the question remains whether it is safe and suitable for health .

In general, we can say that vape is a healthier alternative . When vaping, you inhale a pure substance, no fumes.

If a cigarette contains a certain proportion of nicotine, it can be a good solution for those who do not want to give up smoking, but on the other hand, do not want to inhale tobacco products .

If the vape does not contain nicotine, it is suitable, for example, for those who would like to fight against their addiction to this substance, or those who like to smoke once in a while, but do not want to create a new bad habit. When vaping without nicotine, you only inhale flavored steam .

The benefits of vape are endless

Vape has many advantages, making it an excellent solution for anyone who likes to smoke. Choose your favorite vape cigarette flavor from a verified seller and be sure that you are not inhaling any harmful substances .

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